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EAGR Staff Members

Riley John Graham - EAGR Founder

Riley John Graham –  Founder

PhD Candidate, Lab of Shelley Berger

Program in Epigenetics – Department of Biology

 University of Pennsylvania

I am passionate about science education for two reasons. First, I was inspired by an enthusiastic teacher at Princeton High School that influenced me to pursue a career in sciences by showing me true enthusiasm for Biology. Mr. Anderson was never content with teaching to a standardized test, or ending class when the bell rang. Our class was right before lunch period, and more often than not several students would stay after class to talk with Mr. Anderson about the experiments we were running, or to learn interesting facts about the lecture topics from that day. Mr. Anderson was uniquely excited to teach us about Biology, and his eagerness for us to learn from his lessons gave the students that ability to feel encouraged and interested in Biology. I believe that students in our public school systems today need to encounter excitement and encouragement to enter sciences on their own later in life.

The second reason I’m so passionate about science education is that I believe it is essential that students today interact with scientists, engineers, and mathematicians that are active in their field so that the students can make their own judgements about their career paths. The problem I see in our nation today is that the laboratory and classroom are too segregated. I believe that building cohesion between advanced research and secondary / tertiary education facilities is not only  a good idea, but also essential for our ability as a Nation to progress, grow, build, and invent a better future for tomorrow.


Rohini Singh – Director of Program Development

PhD Candidate, Lab of Timothy Linksvayer

Department of Biology

 University of Pennsylvania

Microbes are around us, inside us and on us. Tiny as they can be, they have great effects which have intrigued many. I’m interested in exploring the effects of microbes on social system. I moved to Penn for my Ph.D from India. My experience in Indian motivated me to contribute my share in bridging the gap between the scientific developments and general public. I have had past experience in scientific outreach in my undergraduate and graduate school. I hope to make people appreciate the beauty of discovering something cool and share my passion for scientific discovery and education.


Ananth Srinivasan

Ananth Srinivasan – Communication Director

PhD Candidate, Lab of Nancy Bonini

Department of Biology

 University of Pennsylvania

Ananth is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania.  He works in Dr. Nancy Bonini’s lab and studies the molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration.


Justin Walsh

Justin Walsh – Content Director

PhD Candidate, Lab of Timothy Linksvayer

Department of Biology

 University of Pennsylvania

I’m interested in the evolution and maintenance of behavioral variation. During my time in the Linksvayer lab, I plan to quantify behavioral variation (i.e. animal personality) between colonies of Monomorium pharaonis and document the fitness consequences of this variation. Furthermore, I hope to elucidate the genetic underpinnings of this behavioral variation, including the identification of important genes and the quantification of indirect genetic effects. I completed my Master’s thesis with Dr. Vik Iyengar at Villanova University, studying how larval relatedness affects competition over food in the rattlebox moth, Utetheisa ornatrix. Outside of the lab, I am active in community outreach especially through volunteering at the Franklin Institute.

Michael Warner – Outreach Director

PhD Candidate, Lab of Timothy Linksvayer

Department of Biology

 University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Timothy Linksvayer, Associate Professor at The University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Timothy Linksvayer – Faculty Advisor

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology

 University of Pennsylvania


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