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EAGR 2nd Anniversary Update


Welcome to a new semester and a new school year of EAGR workshops!

Fall 2014 Flyer

Fall 2014 Flyer

Our first workshop was planned and carried out in the Fall semester of 2012, and so we’re happy to celebrate our two year anniversary this month.

With the help of UPenn graduate departments and the administration of The Franklin Institute, we’ve reached over 300 High School freshmen in ten independent and interactive workshops.

With the help of UPenn’s Science Outreach Initiative, we prepared and submitted a major federal grant application, which has motivated us to seek out additional sources of funding.

Our goals are clear: We seek to establish interactive workshops as a central component to the community outreach programs at major research institutions around the United States. Our success at UPenn has been encouraging, but we are still looking for new and exciting ways to reach more students with our unique brand of educational outreach.

We are currently looking for motivated students and post-docs who are passionate about teaching STEM disciplines to youth audiences. If you’re interested in becoming an EAGR ambassador in your department, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Stay tuned, so much more is ahead!

-Riley & Luke, EAGR Co-founders


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